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Toshiba VRF technology, installed by All Seasons offers the best solution for large commercial and industrial buildings: including hotels, hospitals, leisure and shopping centers. The dual inverter compressor guarantees high efficiency levels, operating flexibility and reduced maintenance requirements. The wide range of indoor units makes VRF systems the most flexible choice to satisfy any kind of requirement.

VRF delivers maximum power and energy savings With the new generation of Variable Refrigerant Flow units, MiNi-SMMS, SMMS cooling only and heat pump and SHRM heat recovery ranges, Toshiba sets new technological standards, incorporating DC twinrotary compressors in all outdoor units, compatible with the high density refrigerant R-410A. Thanks to the use of these dual-compressor systems, the system operation load is distributed more evenly, with a special controller regulating the operating sequence of outdoor units and individual compressors. This innovative technology also allows optimisation and balancing of the operating time for each component, considerably enhancing the reliability of the complete system. When the system is in operation, the latest Toshiba control systems select the heat exchanger and compressor to supply the required capacity in the most efficient way. This operating method continuously optimizes the power input compared with a traditional on/off system and can reduce it by up to 30%. For more information on Toshiba VRF systems installed by All Seasons Please call 0800 082 8001

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As with all the suppliers All Seasons choose to work with, Daikin are recognized as experts in their field. With over 70 years of precision and innovation Daikin have built a worldwide reputation for quality and technology. All Seasons are D1 partner with Daikin this means all our installers are fully trained by Daikin and have access to all the tools and knowledge needed to for the most up-to-date products applications and can provide advice and expertise to ensure customers get the right product and service for their situation.

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Sanyo are one of the fastest growing and innovative suppliers of air conditioning and heat pumps in the world. Their environmental philosophy fits well with the All Seasons air conditioning policy of delivering energy efficient products across their range which includes electric VRF, innovative gas driven VRF and room air conditioning systems. With All Seasons and Sanyo you get the best of both worlds highly efficient, reliable and stylish equipment combined with quality installation and after care from All Seasons.

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All Seasons Air conditioning offer Carrier’s diverse range of reliable, energy efficient air conditioning systems that comply with all the industry regulations, from the smallest split system for the home or office, to the largest chilled water system ideal for hospitals, stadiums and large commercial applications. With over 100 years expertise in the manufacturer of air conditioning systems, Carrier are proud to be the largest air conditioning manufacturer with an enviable reputation worldwide.

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All Seasons Air Conditioning and Rhoss aspire to the same goals; exceptional product quality and unequalled customer service. The quality, reliability and performance of the Rhoss product range guarantees customer satisfaction from the design and installation to maintenance and after sales service. All Seasons install and maintain the complete range of Rhoss products from air conditioners to industrial chillers this includes; Micro systems, Unit systems, Macrosystems, and split systems.

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